10 Effective Remote team management tips

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10 Effective Remote team management tips

remote team management

Effective 10 Tips for Remote Team Management

Is it true, that you’re are searching for approaches to improve communication, efficiency and productivity within your remote employees? Then you should try these effective tips for remote team management.

Today through this post, I’m going to provide hint that will help you to direct remote team like a chief.

Also, if you are already managing a remote team member then please drop us your experience and tips at the end of the post.

Convey Your Company Culture

While dealing with a remote or virtual group, its more beneficial if you are assured that your colleagues know about your organization’s culture.

Remote team members are possibly dissipated around the world and it’s hard for you to impart them with your goal and objectives of your organization. Anyways it’s critical that you should try it.

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Perhaps the most ideal way you can do this is by ask colleagues to do what they should do. When you sit down on one-on-one with your employees, hold meeting or conduct recruit training; you should ensure that you’re conveying organization’s culture in a manner you follow no matter it being straightforward, collective or receptive. A key point for remote team management.

Record Your Business Process

remote team management

Without any doubt, it’s very much important for you to record your business forms and processes before you grow your group.

Mostly business processes are form of composed system for completing various tasks inside your business. This may include but not limited to your recruitment process, filing your taxes, clearing your bills, ways of creating and publishing content.

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For every task like listed above, you must list person responsible to complete the task and when s/he needs to complete it. Also, you must include how they are supposed to do and what are tools and procedures required to complete it.

Having all these records in hand will spare you from lots of disarray and disappointments and will guarantee everyone in your group know what they are exactly liable for.

Utilize Remote Collaboration and Remote Team Management tools

Having said that you have remote team, you are required to deal with your remote group frequently. There’s no doubt that utilizing remote collaboration and team management tools will definitely help you to keep everything on the way.

For example: My remote team management totally depends on Zoom for video conferencing and Dropbox for file sharing. Some of other great remote tools are listed below:

Zoom: For video conferencing, meeting and remote screensharing.

Dropbox: For sharing files and storage over the cloud.

Monday.com: For remote workflow and executing tasks.

SignRequest: For remote signature management.

Concentrate on Outcomes, Not Time Tracking

remote team management

While there is time and spot for time-tracking, its better if you focus on your team to complete their activity.

It’s better to build up ordinary check-ins to ensure key tasks are being completed on time rather than detailed bookkeeping of how much time they spend every day.

If you recruit people who are great at what they do and who you trust it should not make any difference where they work or what extent it takes them to complete their work.

Timely Have Face-to-Face Meetings

Having a large amount of astonishing technology for virtual meetings but its always better if you meet up close and personally.

This will help you to truly fabricate affinity, set connection with your team members and pass your organization goals and culture.

With enormous worldwide team members, its not generally easy but in any event, having nearby meetups in similar zone can go far forward build trust and solid workplace with solid workforce.

Have Regular Virtual Meetings

remote team management

Obviously, a large section of your meeting and gatherings won’t be up close and personal…however you should hold them virtually on the web.

Holding normal meeting: Ideally booked or held around same time frame every week/day is important to keep the lines of communication open.

Furthermore, remember: Having remote group members (having said if they work from home or telecommute) you won’t have any chit chats in the break room. So just assure you open doors for team members to just get to know one another.

Recruit the Right People

remote team management

Everything in this list are super useful yet nothing if you recruit wrong people. At the point when you recruit individuals for your organization try to search for characteristics listed below that are significant for remote work:


Good relational abilities and communication skills both in person and in writing


Check if they are punctual and have morality toward your organization.


Great at exploring tech issues all alone (they won’t have an on-location tech group)

Inspired and a self-starter


Prior, you recruit any employee in your organization, make a list of job description and search for proofs in your meeting.

Treat Your Colleagues Like They are Everything to You

It won’t make a stunning workforce if you only hold high performance workers. You also must appreciate their hard work and their dedication.

Treat them well by seeing their achievements, expressing positive gratitude to them and award for their excellence performance.

A couple of manual stuffs that can help your colleagues feel appreciated and recognized are:

Record welcome video and audios for any special occasions like birthdays.

Send presents, gift and awards at Christmas.

Amaze them with little favors or composed cards for any good reason.

Provide constructive feedbacks if they do some mistakes rather than going hard.

Give rewards when your colleagues go well beyond.

Thank them and ensure they realized how refreshing they are.

Be Respectful of Different Time Zones

It’s common that remote workforce will have virtual colleagues from everywhere throughout the world. It was always great for having decent variety in your workforce and employing the best in the field but the difference in time zone can make few stuffs limited.

While setting cutoffs and holding gathering, ensure you’re conscious of all colleagues and be respectful.

For instance, holding a meeting that is evening for you may be early morning for some portion of your colleagues -truly won’t create a lot of generosity from those workers.

  1. Use video conferencing is much feasible while I highly recommend using different tools like Slacks for daily communication and meeting with your team, it’s also necessary to spend time by means of video.

Why I recommend Video is it lets you see non-verbal prompts and is frequently superior to email or other forms of communication and helps you to share sensitive matters and avoid misunderstandings.

remote team management

There are few apps like Zoom, GoToMeeting or Join.me which will really help you for video conferencing.

Try not be reluctant to plan video calls and meeting with your team, handling delicate issues or just connecting on more private level. One-on-on. Let us know how you find about our remote team management tips in comment below.

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