About me

Welcome to world of blogging!

Hello Readers,


I would like to thank all of you for your time to read about me. First things first, I would like tell that I am an accident blogger & Web Designer who never had though that I will continue doing this till now; almost 10 years by now.

My journey accidentally started when my dad bought a new PC back in 2010. When I got my first PC, I used to spend time on lots of game but later there was a point that I was done with games. Then I used to hover on internet read other blogs, watch astronomy videos. It was just a normal day at school, when I got to meet one of my seniors also a local blogger who told he earned a lot of money sitting at home and designing websites. This really pulled me toward him. Personally I never knew him as he was talking with other mate and I was listening their talk.

Later when I got home from school, I researched about it and gathered a lot of information. I also came to know that you need some money like 40-50$ which I did not had, to start your blog( A quality blog). Well, money used to be problem as I was only 11 years old and my parents did not believed on me about this. I started looking for free alternative and stumbled upon blogger.com. I started my first blog AtuneUPP which was a complete random name. By now, I have deleted all the posts on AtuneUPP and only have resource left on it. As of now the blog is not active,sadly. Continuing my blogging journey, I grabbed my free domain name from dot.tk i.e. row-sun.tk (currently expired and no more active)

I used to spend hours on troubleshooting lots of problem which I had no idea how to fix. Also half of my time used to go on writing articles to publish on my blog. And all this use to happen on top of my school home works. I started from scratch and was really struggling as I had no idea about it. Days and months passed, More time I spent, more stuffs I got back. And after 1 year there came day where I used to call myself as a somewhat novice blogger.

Web Traffic: A big challenge for new bloggers

Very first I did not know how many people used to visit my blog. Being honest I had no idea how to check it. Also, I used to write articles, play around my blogs just for my passion and I did not cared whoever visits my blog. My first post on blogger was about Mount Everest( I still remember it). I never used to write for an audience of my blog like I never cared if someone visits my site and laughs at my writing. Later after few months I found out people are linking my blog. Here is my traffic for first 8 months. I got 10,400 views in my blog in first 8 months.

I was completely shocked with this. Then after I started exploring how to earn money from blogs as I did not know how earn money from these stuffs. If you are wondering we can earn money online then I have written an article about earning money online which you can always check.

After lots of research, I found about adsense, which is basically they display ads on your blog and pay you. I applied for it and got rejected; I don’t know why. I again applied for it second time and got rejected again. Later, I researched a bit and changed few parts about my blog and applied again, this time luck was with me and got approved. I heard people talking, it is really hard to get into adsense when you have a free website. I placed ads in my blog and First day I earned 0.98$. I was so happy which I can’t even explain. First month I made 24$ but the minimum payment threshold was 100$. But later second month I got BANNED from adsense and I still don’t know why. I tried to reapply for it but didn’t get approved. And my faith to adsense was over.

After I had done more research, I stumbled upon affiliate marketing. I did setup account and set up my blog for it. I was at grade 10 by the time and parents sent me hostel as we have SLC (high school exam). Now I had limited access to PC and blogging. I used to post one article like a month in my blog. One year passed, My earnings were growing, I finished my exams went back to home. In one year I made whopping 465.94$ which was a big money for me that time. This was my profile and earning on CPABUILD for the first year.

465.94$ was a big money for me when was in Grade 10. Now it was time to withdraw money. They only offered paypal/payoneer as withdrawal. I had no access to both of them. Later I found out, Paypal had limited access in my country and I applied payoneer and I got approved. It took 2 months for me to get my debit card as Nepal has very poor mail system. After 3 month I was finally able to withdraw money. I received 465.94$ on payoneer account. I got charged 25$ as card activation fee, and 10$ international withdrawal fee. End of the day I got 430.94US$ which was a big money too. I gave 300$ to my mom as my first salary. She was completely shocked as we can earn money from online as well. I did it when I was in Grade 10/11 where most of the people in my country still used to go school 10-4. Rest 130$, I used 80$ to give a bit of small party to my friends and kept 50$ to buy some new pants.

Results of SLC were published and I got 84 out of 100 which was again win and win for me. My parents started to have faith on my online job and were ok with me to spend time on my PC. 300$ that I gave to mom, I asked 100$ with mom thinking to spend on my site. I purchased my first domain name TecBud.com sadly due to personal problems I could not continue with it and it is expired and don’t know where it is now.

Later after Grade 12, I came abroad studies and this was where I ended all my blogging cause of some personal problems. I was busy on my own stuffs, dormant on blogging left everything and was about to start a whole new different life. But My attachment and passion to blogging pulled me back again. I am starting blogging and web designing again now with currently engaged on 5 different websites and all of them are still under construction as of 5th Jan 2020.

My life apart from Blogging

I will say myself about self determined who does not cares about what others say. My care about other’s word for me is like none unless someone is talking well about me. I do what think is right and also you should. Don’t worry about others they were born just to pull your leg.

I like spending time doing nothing absolutely nothing. Sleeping being my best hobby while eating as second. I like watching documentaries about astronomy, (I do have a website called Astropy, where I write and create video about Astronomy.) watch scientific researches. I don’t like spending lots of time online but exemption applies for blogging and documentaries.

Never lose your hope. Several months my sites did not earned single penny even when spent a lot of money testing new money. Not to mention I used to write articles for a lot of different sites where I used to get decent money. I would say if you are into something then stay sticked to it no matter what. When you leave your passion, sooner or later you will regret. One day for sure you will realize that you are on the right path. Do what you like not what you are forced.