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Unblock sites with VPN

Have you ever struck at “This website or content is blocked in your region or country.” This only happen when the Government of particular country or owners of website/ content restrict the site in your region. It is really disgusting as we cannot access the file which we may need. Accessing those sites or unblock…
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How to build website for free?

Everybody wish to have own website specially students, online researchers but what come in between of us and own website is expensive price of domain names and web hosting. But don’t worry today I am here with you all to teach how to make website with for free and you can use for…
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Free Mastercard in Nepal 2020

How to get Mastercard in Nepal? If you are one of online worker from Nepal or complete some financial transaction abroad in daily basis then you are definitely in need of MasterCard for ease access. Since our country Nepal is a bit backward in industrial and business revolution only few company or banks offers MasterCard…
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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is the use of computer generated technology to generate a simulated environment for better user experience.Unlike traditional user interfaces,VR replace the user inside an experience filled with delight.Despite of viewing a screen in front of users,they are immersed and able to interact with  3Dimensional worlds.Simulating s many senses as possible such as vision, hearing, touch…
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How to earn money online? Beginners version

Earning money has never been easy for anyone either youths, students or early age people. We have to allocate a lot of time and hard painful efforts as well to get offered from handsome salary. But have you ever wondered that you can make money online just by sitting in home and clicking some buttons…
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Beginners Guide For Blogging

“Blogging For Passion Not For Money.” Blog simply refers to a site that either includes discussion or information as well that is published on World Wide Web simply in reversed chronological order which means the recent post appears at first. The blog either may be of an individual or of a company depending upon the…
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