How to earn money online? Beginners version

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How to earn money online? Beginners version

Earning money has never been easy for anyone either youths, students or early age people. We have to allocate a lot of time and hard painful efforts as well to get offered from handsome salary. But have you ever wondered that you can make money online just by sitting in home and clicking some buttons online. Definitely you might not have thought about this before. Today we will share you a lot of ideas, methods and tools to earn money online. So stay tune and let’s move ahead.

There is tremendous number of ways to earn money online but as a beginner you can rely on Blogging. I will talk other methods on topic earn money online beside blogging also but let’s start our discussion from Blogging.

1.  Blogging best way to earn money online

Blog means a site or an online diary that is comprised with some discussion and information on several topics which is published in World Wide Web (WWW) generally in reverse or later to next chronological     order which clarifies that recent post appears first and past post appears beside recent posts. We can make blog from several service providers but their cost may vary from providers to provider. Some of famous blogging sites are Google’s Blogger WordPress and Wix. You can choose any of them and start building a personal blog or professional website choice is yours.

Create a account give a best title to blog which is trending and which you can write easily. Do research in trending niche and find some suitable keywords that you will use while writing articles.

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Beside this there are a lot of thing that you have to do acquire good and efficient traffic in your site. We have to suggest you that never make a blog just for money because blog is only for passion not for money actually. Now after all if you started getting good traffic now let’s earn few cents from blog. There are a lot of ways of monetizing blogs among which we will discuss a few. The two major methods are displaying advertisements or promote some affiliate marketing. See my beginner guide to blogging.

earn money online

A) Affiliate Marketing Via Blog or Website

You have to promote others business in your site, this is what simply called affiliate marketing. However only this definition is not enough to know about affiliate marketing, “it is one of the performance based marketing system in which a business module provides you some amount of bonus which may depend on policy of the business and may vary from business to business for promoting their contents and their business as well. You can put banners or links on your blog from where a visitor is redirected to affiliate hub. In short affiliate marketing is a practice of promoting others business for some amount of bonus. Here we will discuss few best affiliate marketers that will suit you.

I) Amazon Affiliate For Bloggers

amazon earn money online

Amazon has proved itself as one of the world’s leading marketplace which offers almost all the products throughout the world. Amongst several affiliate hub Amazon affiliate seems to be best and legit way to earn huge money and small time. Amazon affiliate program offers you up to 15% bonus but its minimum bonus is of 4% on each sale which you promoted which means you will get 4- 15% bonus amount of the product which you assisted for sale. Let’s consider a product have its price 300$ and if you promoted the product you will get 15% of 300$ which sums to 45$.

You will make 45$ just for one sale isn’t it fascinating. However the bonus amount depends on several factors like geographical location, type of products and so on. In my observance the site with gadget and technical niche have high chance of making big money in short time. But you will only earn bonus if the buyer follows you referral link.

II) Shareasale Affiliate Hub

Shareasale is also one of top leading affiliate hub throughout the world which means you can also try Shareasale platform to make decent earning right from your website. Shareasale approve almost all niche and any traffic size except adult or illegal contents so mind this before joining Shareasale. Shareasale comprises wide range of products which you can promote via site that you own. Shareasale have well designed user friendly interface with quick support system. Currently Shareasale offers two type of campaign Pay Per Sale PPS and Pay Per Lead PPl offers. You can choose any of them and start your journey with Shareasale.

So for today let’s just discuss these two affiliate hub but we will discuss more in upcoming posts. Now let’s move to earning money from blog by displaying or publishing advertisement.

B) Displaying Advertisements In Blog Or Websites

You can earn huge amount of money from your blog if you have decent traffic from top tier countries. In this method we will discuss about several sites which will integrate with your site and display advertisements in your site from which you will be paid.

I) Google Adsense For Bloggers

Google adsense is king of all advertising agent as it have strong policies and rules for both advertisers and publishers. You can sign up for adsense through You have to fill out the form and submit it for review. The officials from adsense will reply within few days after submission of application. However due to strong rules and policies of adsense it is really tough to be approved and join adsense. We have some of the tips which will increase the chances of being approved by adsense team.

-Your blog should have pages like Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Disclaimer, About Us page. This is what most of the newbie bloggers forget to put and get rejected all the time.

-Though the team of adsense has not mentioned the minimum amount of traffic but it will be a plus point if your site has minimum of 200 visitors and majority of visitors from top tier countries like US and UK. And never ever dare to think about manual or incentive visitors.

-Your blog or website should comply with the policy of Google adsense and must not contain any keywords like hacking, cracking, adult content as Google strongly opposes them.

-It will be good if you make a site map and submit it to webmaster tools and in addition you can index your website in top search engines.

-Google loves beautiful design and user friendly websites which means you have to use neat and clean template in your site and make it user friendly either it is browsed from mobile phones or PC.

-And finally it is best if you get a top class paid domains like .com, .net, .org and so on.

(‘Note:- If you use sub-domain you will get a hosted account which means you can only show the ads on’)

Rest is all in the hands of the officials of adsense, you may have to wait 1-6 days after you submit your application till then keep calm and continue blogging. Once you are approved it is really easy to integrate with the ads of Google adsense. They offer text ads and banner ads with Cost Per Click CPC or Cost Per Mile CPM module which can be easily installed in your website. Google adsense is king for CPC, it has highest CPC rate for all countries rather than other advertising agent.

The great success of Google adsense comes with strong and tough policies. Adsense have huge payment threshold of 100$ which take a lot time for newbie bloggers and currently they pay you through Western Union, Check and ACH deposit. The earning are finalized on 2nd of every month and payout is done 21st of each month unless it falls in holiday if so then payment are done in next business day. Even if you get approved from Google adsense, they might band you forever if small fraud activity is associated with your account. Here are some ideas from which you can be safe from being band from Google adsense:

-Read the policy of Google adsense for publishers and make sure you and your website will abide those policies without any fraudulent activities.

-Never use paid or incentive traffic in your website or don’t ask anyone to click your ads and avoid clicking ads own self which Google strongly opposes.

-Never use VPN for login to dashboard of adsense and to click the ads. Google surely detects it and bands you as soon as possible so be aware.

-Never edit or alter the ad codes provided by Google adsense and never share them to friends from emails or any other means.

-Don’t use any offensive words or words like click here above or below the ads and don’t make pop-ups for ads this may lead you for life time band.

But if you got bands without any fraud activities then fill out re-appeal form and submit it to them, may be your adsense account be reinitiated. Even if you are band don’t worry Google adsense is not the end of monetization of blog and websites, there are a lot of alternatives of adsense which pays you decent amount of money which we will discuss below.

II) Infolinks Best Ad Networks For Newbie Bloggers

Infolinks is one of the best and efficient alternatives of adsense which works as contextual advertisement network. In comparison to Google adsense the terms and condition and approval process of Infolinks is nothing, they don’t have such a strict rules and approval requirements.

You should not apply with adult site in Infolinks but blogs with very few traffic and articles are also accepted except any hacking, cracking and illegal contents. Similar to Google adsense, Infolinks also offers Cost Per Click, Cost Per Mile CPM module but unlike Google adsense Infolinks does not require any space or palace in your site to input the ad codes or scripts. They offer in-text ads, in-line ads, in-frame ads and in-tag ads but none of them require space in you blog which will not affect the loading time of your website.

Their CPC rates for tier country is absolutely amazing, publishers from US can easily make 1000$ by just using few ad units however Infolinks is really disgusting for Asian Traffic. You will get only few cents from the visitors belonging to Asian countries. In addition they have several programs like that of referral programs to enhance the earnings of a publisher.

You will earn some that of 10% bonus from the earnings of the person whom you referred Infolinks are very good in terms of payment and even they have half payment threshold than Google adsense that is just 50$. Infolinks pays their publisher in Net 45 method which means you will receive payments after 45 days as soon as you reach payment thresholds. Currently, Infolinks pay their publishers either by Paypal or Payoneer or Wire Transfer.

So, Google adsense and Infolinks are monetization tools for your blog, there are several other ads network which you can rely. Some of them are Revenue hits, Chitika, Tabola, Yahoo Bing ad, Adclick Media, Popads and much more. Here we end the discussion about earn money online from Blogs and Websites; now I am thinking to help who is not interested in Blogging. Yes, you can earn money online even decent money even if you do not have blog or website or just hate blogging.

2. Captcha Typing One Of Easiest Online Job

Captcha typing is the most easiest and handy job that can be done online even from home. All you need to do is type the Captcha in the checkbox. The more you type more income you will get so if you are planning to do Captcha typing job then never feel typing task as headache cause you will be paid for what you have typed. But most of the sites that offer Captcha typing job seems to be scam don’t pay any pennies. Don’t panic we will give you the genuine site to start your Captcha typing job right from your home. Actually there is any limitation of earnings but you have to allocate more time and a bit more effort than other online jobs. Here is one of site that is legimate to earn money online by captcha typing.


2captcha is one of legit way to earn money online by typing Captcha. All you have to do is register a new account and head toward dashboard where you will see a Captcha and a checkbox just below where you have to input the right Captcha but mind it don’t enter too much wrong either they will kick your id out of server or also may suspend you id. 2captcha is a trust worthy site that generally offers 0.15$ to 0.80$ per 1000 Captcha, if you can type 10000 words per day they you will get something about 1.5$ to 8$ they pays you either by Paypal or by Webmoney.

earn money online

In addition to this they have referral program, you can simply refer your friends and earn few cents from their earning. Finally it can be consider this job as a handy for your pocket money. Beside 2captcha there is another legit site named from where you can earn decent earnings too.

Now let’s talk about genuine way of earning decent money from another genuine method that is using stock websites to sell your camera clicks and photos.

3) Selling Stock Photos Online

Clicking photos is one of our favorite hobbies all the time wherever we visit we will definitely click a photo even if we don’t have special photography knowledge. But you never had known that you can sell your photo photos online for decent money. It’s a passive earn money online takeaway. It will be definitely a best way to earn handsome earnings if you have few spare times, a quality camera and interests in photography.

The ultimate way to initiate earning from photography is selling those photos that you have clicked in stock photography sites. There are a lot of stock photography site from where you can earn decent earnings before moving to those sites let us tell you something. First you have to sign up on any of the site which we will talk below and as soon as you finished signing up complete your profile with valid information and subsequently upload a photo and submit it for approval and wait till those site approves your photos.

There are several rules which you have to abide before submitting photo for approval. The first and the foremost thing is you will need a license or something that will tell that you are the sole owner of the photo. Also you cannot sell any type of photo that belongs to any private properties or their logo and brands.

Even you cannot alter the original size or edit the photos if found you will be disqualified and suspended subsequently.  And finally you have to pay few percentage of your earning t those stock photography sites. Now let’s discuss about few sites that offers a service to sell your photos. Are you loving my article on earn money online. See how I started my blogging journey.


Shutter stock is one of genuine site to sell your photos. Shutter stock has already completed transaction of US $ 400 million amongst their users. You will require a patent or copyright of photos in order to get approved from shutter stock team. They only support TTIF, JPEG format of pictures and their payouts for each photo varies from somewhere in between 0.25$ to 25$.


The success of stock website comes with top class sites like Dreamstime. It is a top rated and trusted site to continue selling photos. All the photos that you submit are manually as they have finest quality if the photo is approve you will get 0.20$ for free as a additional bonus and offers you royalties somewhere between 25% to 50%  which may go up to 60 % on each image.

Earn money online


iStockphoto is another stock photography website where you can sell pictures that you own. Unlike other stock photography site iStockphoto has forums and resources which will provide you a lot of assistances to understand the business world of photography. The standard royalty of iStockphoto is just 15% by default which could move up to 45% depending upon the popularity that photo acquires.

Here are some of the tips that will definitely helps you to enhance your earning from stock photography sites read all of them carefully.

-If you are beginner then don’t bid high price for photos either you will not get any sorts of deals.

-It will be best if you take some photography class to take fascinating pictures that will attract customers.

-Before clicking and selling photos hover what types of photos are being sold widely like natural scenes, mountains, artificial monuments or any other.

Lastly let’s talk about something which gives you decent money with small efforts but take more time. It’s none other than microworking stay tuned we are about to tell you about microworking.

4) Microworking

Microworking is also a way to generate pocket money with few efforts. All you need to do is micro works like commenting in YouTube, signing up in several sites, completing surveys, sharing posts, viewing websites, posting reviews and lot of similar easy tasks. You can start your career with any on the sites like or . I have not tried microworkers but let me share my experience with Rapidworkers.

Rapidworkers is a platform for small workers where we can do tiny task to earn some pennies. In my career with Rapidworkers I have seen the task varying from 0.02$ to 5$. But usually the task ranges from 0.1$ to 2$.

Want to start from today? Earn money online

The employer gives you description about task which you have to complete and provide some proofs to be liable for money. Just sign up and start working but you have to maintain your success rate above 60% so that you will not be suspended. Success rate is the satisfaction of employers with you or the measure to check your honesty and trust toward employers. The best part of Rapidworkers is that the minimum payment threshold is just 4$ but you will need somewhat of 4.60$ to check out as they have not added the transaction fees in payment threshold.

They have only one payment option that is Skrill and they pay you on demand which means you should not wait for the date of payments so what are you waiting till now start your career with Rapidworkers and enjoy your earnings also thank me later.

.. we will continue more on earn money online in comming days.

So these are the some of the ways to earn money online but don’t worry they are not all the way to earn money online still there are a lot of way to earn online few of them are freelancing, selling eBooks, writing easy, email marketing which we will discuss in our upcoming posts. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below on article about earn money online.

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