Free Mastercard in Nepal 2020

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Free Mastercard in Nepal 2020

mastercard in nepal

How to get Mastercard in Nepal?

If you are one of online worker from Nepal or complete some financial transaction abroad in daily basis then you are definitely in need of MasterCard for ease access. Since our country Nepal is a bit backward in industrial and business revolution only few company or banks offers MasterCard also in limited edition. So it might be difficult to get a Mastercard in Nepal for simple person like us but you don’t have to worry about it as we are going to share idea to get genuine Mastercard in Nepal.

First let us tell you that MasterCard may be of two types that is virtual card or physical card. We will clarify you all about virtual and physical Master Cards too from this post.

How to open an overseas bank account from Nepal?

Virtual master card generally means the card which you don’t have amazed! I mean this is the card which you don’t have physically. You can only see the details and number of the card in online and you will not have any physical access to it. However you can complete most of the transaction online through your card but the main drawback is you cannot withdraw the amount in your card through ATM.

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However you can transfer the amount to local banks if they have this service or you can transfer to physical MasterCard and withdraw it. There are several virtual MasterCard providers from where you can create an online MasterCard and complete your transactions online.

Some of the famous virtual master card providers are spectrocard, mywirecard, entropay, intercash. You can use any of these providers and register a virtual master card. The main advantage of the virtual MasterCard is we never need to worry about losing or misplacing it as we don’t have a physical access to it.

mastercard in nepal

Some of the advantages of virtual MasterCard are listed below you can have a look at it in glance:

-We never have to fear about misplacing or losing it as they cannot be accessed physically but can be used anytime anywhere online.

-There will be no any tension of damaging card from fire, rain or any other mishaps.

-Even replacing the card is too easy with few clicks however in case of physical cards you have to submit a report and an application to regenerate the card as well you have to wait for few days to receive the card again.

As the trend that everything has its positive and negative sides so we should also have to make you aware of disadvantage of virtual MasterCard. Here are some of the disadvantages of virtual MasterCard which you can read below:

-It only works till you are online which means if you don’t have any access to internet you cannot do anything from it which is one of major disadvantage of the virtual MasterCard.

-Secondly, if you are in emergency and need some money and also you have some funds in your virtual MasterCard but what to do you cannot withdraw it from local ATM machines or banks.

Now let’s move toward physical MasterCard which also you can get from online but you have to wait for few weeks or a month for its arrival into local or personal post box. First of all let’s talk about the advantages of physical MasterCard over virtual MasterCard you can have a glance to the advantages below:

-The amounts present in physical master cards can be easily withdrawn from local ATM machine or banks respectively.

-You can use these sorts of cards even if you don’t have an internet access but for online shopping you will definitely need an internet connection.

-You can use physical MasterCard either online or offline or both according to your need.

Here are some of the major disadvantages of physical MasterCard but it seems better than virtual MasterCard so we suggest you to prefer physical MasterCard rather than virtual MasterCards.

-The physical MasterCard can be either lost or theft and even may get damaged by fire which can cause you great damage.

-It takes a bit long time to arrive in your nearby postal office in your locality and also re-order process is also a bit lengthy in different stages.

Now we are about to give you idea to get physical MasterCard in Nepal. Among numerous service providers two of the major MasterCard provider that suits for Nepal is Payoneer. But before we proceed to create a MasterCard know your local P.O Box number from local post office or from here.

Get A MasterCard In Nepal From Payoneer

Payoneer is a financial company situated at New York USA that offers online payment services, International money transfer as well. Here is a step wise guide to get a Payoneer MasterCard in Nepal.

Step No. 1 Go to Payoneer sign up page from here where you will see something as shown in screen capture.

mastercard in nepal

Step No. 2 As soon you land to sign up page and fill all the details as required and click next.

Step No 3. Now you have to provide some more details about yourself and also local P.O Box number which you got from above.

mastercard in nepal

(Note: Payoneer have sole right to reject you application if you are under 18 year age.)

Step No 4. Create a strong password and input the national issued identity card like citizenship. You have to input the registration number of your citizenship card without / or – .

Don’t use fake details in the field either you may be in trouble if the details you provided did not match with the details in your citizenship card or any other national issued cards. Now you have completed and have to choose some security questions and update your profile. Login to your new Payoneer account and see the date that when will it arrive in the Post Office.

NOTE: Please register your number in near post office so that they can inform you whenever they receive your card. Once you receive the Payoneer card activate it but before receiving it you can check their pricing and fees for transaction. Normally it takes 30-45 days to arrive your card in Nepal.  I also received my Payoneer card after 42 days of approval. With Payoneer you can receive direct bank transfers or ACH deposits in USA but to get EU services you have to contact their support system.

mastercard in nepal

Why choosing a Payoneer’s MasterCard in Nepal?

By default Payoneer creates a bank account for you in USA as soon your application is approved which will help you to receive direct bank transfers or ACH transfers within US. If you are a freelancer and have client from other countries then Payoneer may be the ultimate method to receive payments.

Even if you are adsense publisher of US id or work as publisher in Revenue hits, Infolinks or so on then Payoneer is ultimate way to receive the payments. If you want to load your Payoneer MasterCard in Nepal you can contact with local merchants whom you can find in Facebook or other social media. Although Payoneer have high service charge it is a best for us and suits in our country Nepal.

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With Payoneer MasterCard you can shop online, pay free lancers, boost Facebook page all over world. The card which you receive from Payoneer is debit master card which means it only works when it is loaded with some funds. In addition you can also make bank transfers from Payoneer. You can withdraw your funds from Payoneer whenever you like from local ATM machine having MasterCard logo and almost all of ATM machines of our country have this facility.

Payoneer will charge somewhat of 3.00$ each time you withdraw your funds and charges 1.00$ each time when you check balance in your account.Also Payoneer offers referral bonus of 25$ if you referred someone to their network but to get 25$ both referrer and referrals need to have 100$ in their Payoneer accounts. You can get your referral link from the dashboard after logging in with Payoneer. So have you ordered your MasterCard if not order it today and access the online markets all over world from today.

mastercard in nepal

Now you have a card how about learning how to make money online?

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