Beginners Guide For Blogging

Welcome to world of blogging!

Beginners Guide For Blogging

“Blogging For Passion Not For Money.”

Blog simply refers to a site that either includes discussion or information as well that is published on World Wide Web simply in reversed chronological order which means the recent post appears at first. The blog either may be of an individual or of a company depending upon the user.

So let’s start blogging today. There are several sites that let you to create a blog. Two of them are Google’s Blogger and Word press. If you have a bit money and a bit knowledge of blogs then Word press is the best one but if you are totally new and unfamiliar to the blogs the Blogger may be right choice. However this site is made from Blogger but I am a user of both Word press and Blogger. As I am surfing both services I liked Word press but I don’t mean Blogger is well both are best according to needs.


How to start?

The first and foremost thing you need to do is create account in a Blogger. After creating a account provide a best title to your blog that you will write in coming days. Then find some niche (topics) and start writing on it. Keep in mind that you should never copy any sorts of contents from Internet. In the mean time you can create some needy pages like About Us, Contact US, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy which will dramatically improve the standard of your website.

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Some Tips For Writing Best Articles For Blog

1. Never copy other’s data rather you can edit them and change into own language.

2. Only text are not enough to express your opinion. Give some media contents like Pictures, Audio, and Video as well.

3 Once you finished writing articles recheck it before posting to find and correct spelling errors and grammatical errors.

As this post is for beginners we would not include SEO tips, Meta tag descriptions,Sitemaps,Indexing,Robot.txt but don’t worry we will teach you in future days just stick with us.

See how I started my journey to blogging?

Attaching A Domain

After creating a blog you will get sub domain like for free but in my opinion you should get a good domain for your website. You can buy domain name from several sites like GODADDY.COM. If you need any assistance for attaching a domain in your blog kindly contact us from here.

What I am observing these days are unprofessional bloggers and others have started blogging just for Money.”Blog For Passion Not For Money.”Later on you can earn money from blogging which we will teach you on another post.

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Installing Analytics Tools                                                      

You need to know what visitors do on your website. Further more you can check the number of visitors and their country. Installing Analytics Tools in your website is not that much hard. Go to Google Analytics and create an account. Then after follow the details there for installing the codes on your website. If you need any help then without hesitance contact us we will assist you.

Tips For Driving Some Traffics

1. Write some articles that are trending in internet. Use keyword tools to get some those keywords.

2. Always work for visitor’s satisfaction. Never post unsafe or broken links which makes visitors offense then after s\he will never visit your site back.

3. Do comments on forums and other blog but never spam. In addition you can share them on social media like Face book, Twitter etc.

4. Do some SEO (Wait for some more days we will tell you something more on this.

And never use bots or any soft ware  to drive traffic in your site.

Adding A Sitemap

Sitemap helps users or visitors for better navigation and web spiders to crawl your site. It is also a best tool which helps to get organic traffic. A well designed sitemap and submitting to top search engine gives you a better traffic for relevant search. You can create a sitemap by your own or use some tools online. After you create a sitemap upload it to root directory of your website. Then submit it to Google and Bing from their Webmaster tools.


Simply Templates means themes. A template gives a better design to your site. Be sure to use well designed responsive templates for both PC and Mobile phones.

This is not the end. I will write more on blogging actually Roshan Bhandari’s guide to blogging in coming day. Feel free to reach me if you need any sorts of assistance. Do quote RBINFO(Just to prioritize my mail as my personal site gets attention first rather than my other site) somewhere in subject.

So as for beginners you can hang on these activities till we update something more in our site.

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