Social media marketing for accountants

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Social media marketing for accountants

Social media is extraordinary apparatus for indicating human side of bookkeeping and practice to customers. There are many more overwhelming aspects which makes social media marketing for accountants a beneficial choice. Whether it is a tweet, pin, like, share, comment or any buttons on our virtual world there’s no escape. This is what makes social media posts for accountants a compulsion to engage with clients.

If you have not used social media marketing for accountants, don’t feel to rush in now. There’s always a time for any business to study the potential before diving in. Using social media marketing as part of overall marketing strategy will benefit you with increased brand awareness, building community, direct more traffic, powerful customer experience. It also comes with a reasonable price is comparatively cheaper form of marketing. Once you establish your profile in social media, expect to spend at least 3 or 4 hours every week managing them.  

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A clumsy effort on social media can destroy your entire brand’s reputation in a matter of time. You will end up losing potential clients, and your brand may seem inauthentic. It is always difficult to erase your mistakes and recover from branding fiasco. Therefore, I have written down this guide to help all accountants to understand the benefits of social media content and correct ideas to approach them right.

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Picking up a platform

It may be an easy decision to get on social media but can be hard for any accountants to pick up a platform. Choices are the matter of fit between your customers’ habit and your firm’s inclination. What works for one may not work for another firm.

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“Thinking of fishing now. Just make sure you have right bait to catch right fish or you will end up having no fish in your bowl.”

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Even though twitter is regularly promoted to firms’ partners and clients through persistently refreshed channel, platforms like Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram are generally utilized more on a requirement basis. While some firms’ reports Facebook as a successful branding tool but some also reports Facebook as not powerful tool to build client communication. Every platform like LinkedIn, Instagram have their own ups, and down which makes it more confusion for accountants. The only platform with positive reviews is LinkedIn which is cause of its professional and business outlook. But this is mainly for professional networking not for retail clients.

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Although these social media tools for accountants are most popular but their value depends on practice marketing strategy. I’ve seen a firm using Pinterest for posting images, quotes and memes as its best choice to find the target audience. It’s all about engaging clients whichever helps or fulfils your business needs; you can choose using them. I’ve listed few ideas and tips below:

Social media tips for accountants

  • Practices needs to be maintained to avoid blatant advertising rather using unobtrusive types of advancements.
  • Old-fashioned conversation is also significant sometimes. As per UWorld Roger CPA Review, 84% of marketers agreed that they had integrated their social media in traditional marketing way.
  • Engage with customers on the regular basis or consistently don’t just pop up when you want something. It’s the biggest mistake when someone is consistently being self-promotional.
  • You need to approach people and let them know you are available on various platforms and invite them. So, they don’t feel uncomfortable.
  • Although Social Media marketing for accountants is informal practice but learning the right way to communicate with etiquette is important.

Accountants needs to learn few etiquettes like not making any negative or offensive comments on any platform as its is very hard to take anything back once it goes out to social media.

Social media contents for accountants

Social media platforms have changed the way that it used to be; only to receive and exchange information. At the bottom of every convincing online marketing system is content. Finding significant content all the time that resound with your clients can be challenging. When you post on social media your idea needs to convey one idea in small number of words. Here are some social media post ideas for accountants:

  • Add value to your audience through education and information.
  • Build credibility to build trust.
  • Demonstrate expertise to build trust.
  • Divert your social media audience to your website.
  • Get readers to interact, act or at least get to know each other.
  • Listen for trends, issues or any opportunity.

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More detailly, here are some best examples on social media management for accountants:

  1. A short tip is a great way to demonstrate your expertise. You can provide organizational tips, accounting tips, tax tips or any thing relevant that you can offer.
  2. Try to share facts about your that is relevant to your services.
  3. Share fun facts and services that you offer and link back to your website. An example can be “We would love to help you or your business with your booking Find out more on:
  4. Ask questions to your audience and let them know about your upcoming events and promotions.
  5. Share your testimonials and other review on social media.
  6. Notify deadlines like tax forms to audience, it’s likely most people will engage on them.
  7. Offering any discounts, don’t forget to share it on social media.
  8. Occasionally post fun facts about employees apart from your work. This makes your audience to feel you care about your staffs.
  9. Share and debunk myths as there are plenty of them in accounting sector. A perfect example can be: “It’s a myth and scam if IRS calls or email you. They will never call or email you.”
social media marketing for accountant

With all these social media post ideas for accountants, you can easily win heart of your clients and get them to engage on your posts.

While you may be still confused which social media platform you should choose, here’s few insights which will help you. I’ve listed platforms along with tips and their benefits on social media marketing for accountants.

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LinkedIn for accountants

LinkedIn can help an accountant to expand the network, filling it with ideal prospects. It will also help you to build stronger relationships with potential referrers, position yourself as a trusted firm in your community. Nobody will share you their intimate details of their business unless they trust you. When it comes to choosing an accountant, others need to have trust and peace of mind of course. Here are few short tips for you to get over LinkedIn:

  • Establish trust by assuring peace of mind and expertise.
  • Create a compelling and professional profile.
  • Leverage network to create referral partners.
  • Consistently update and share contents.
  • Engage with your network in professional matter.

Facebook for accountants

Spending time on Facebook might be worth it for some accountants mainly focused in inheritance tax, landlords, home based business and startups. With the rise of Facebook on several tax practices, its and opportunity for any accountant to connect with their local communities. It’s easy to set up Facebook page for your business, and you can easily find new clients within your area. As lots of people are already on Facebook so, do the businesses. Facebook provides a detailed and clear metrics to show how effective your posts and ads are.

Most people using Facebook are under 35 and they seem keen to restrict use of Facebook and keep it distant from their business and work. There’s a little difference between Facebook and other social media. It’s largely restricted to have fun, family and friends. While Facebook might not be beneficial for all accountants but is advantageous if you have detailed strategy for targeting.

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Twitter for accountants

Twitter is one of the great tool which is really helps in social media marketing for accountants. Twitter is also great for you to stay on top of the regulation from government and to get tips from other accounting bodies. It’s really great place to tune in for accountants if you’re following right social media management for accountants. Getting started in twitter is not that hard, there are several tips around the web like this which you can follow. Here is list of few twitter accounting experts that you choose to help you to get started:

  • Sam E. Antar:  Sam Antar primarily focuses on identifying and investing public companies engaged in securities. His clients include government agencies, law enforcement agencies, public companies.
  • Accounting Today: Straight to the name. Accounting today covers unrelenting stream of news, insights and along with opinions on the world of accounting.
  • CPA Trendlines: CPA Trendlines floods its followers with information on accounting. It provides with super relatable stuffs covering everything for any accountants.
  • AccountingWEB: AccountingWEB is a useful resource for getting all the tips for any accountants. It has Q&A sessions, how to’s and occasional fun posts to engage their followers.

Pinterest for accountants

Pinterest is getting lots of momentum, and it’s always important to be prepared for the potential marketing opportunities. Likewise, Twitter, Pinterest allows other people to re-pin and like and comment your content. You can create a presence in Pinterest with your brands lifestyle and become a curation expert. Studies from marketers have proved that Pinterest has somewhat impact in managerial accounting, and responses were significantly favorable. Pinterest is more favorable to product-based business so; it can be on last of your list of social media marketing ideas for accountants.

social media marketing for accountant

Instagram for accountants

Instagram is fastest growing social media platform which has large number of younger audiences. But industries like health and wellness, fitness, food and beauty industries are mostly featured on Instagram. While not traditionally thought for accountants but it’s worth having Instagram account. It’s a photo driven powerful network and requires consistent strategy of well shot images to keep or gain followers. So, what ever you tweet or post in Facebook can be converted into text pictures and get more clients.

There are many more social media like TikTok, Snap Chat that is growing up quickly like never. TikTok being platform for short videos about anything, it’s not hard to create a video of 15 seconds about your business. While the audience are mostly teenagers and youngsters it’s not much beneficial for accounting but who knows what happens tomorrow. It’s always great to engage on new social media knowing they have huge potentials. But it’s very much essential for anyone to check or study their growth, study their potential before spending your hard-earned money and valuable time.

Social media marketing for accountants

It’s clear that social media interaction presents an incredible for accountants to create lead and clients. What’s more, I’m here to assist you with making the most of this chance. First things first your core principle on social media needs to be saving time and money for customer service. Its always a good idea to interact with your clients on social media. It will help them and force them to refer new clients for you. Listening to your customers and understanding their needs is what every business should do on social media. Dissatisfied customers and post negative comments on your company’s public profile.

Most of the social media platforms allow their users to search for companies by locality and hosts. Different social media platform has different ways of searching customers. Once you have finished searching for customers, carefully planned marketing strategy is essential to convert them to lead and the close those leads to customers.

One of the things that you need to remember is about effective accountancy social media marketing is that target audience. Your account should have right audience for your social media account to work. If you don’t have right audience, then there’s no any point.

You can start advertising in your social media account which could really reach out to your target people. In such adverts, you need to provide useful and relevant content that will be useful for your ideal customer. This will help you to get right audience for your social media.

Lastly, your profile is the first thing that any customers check in your social media. So, it is necessary to optimize your social media account to make it ethical. Pick a right profile picture that stands out, specify your location and hours, utilize perfect banner images. These are some of the great ideas to optimize your social media account. Here’s a quick summary about strategy that you need to follow:

  • Always engage with your clients. Respond their queries.
  • Clearly specify the target audience while advertising your business.
  • Understand your audience.
  • Give people what they want from your social media accounts.
  • Optimize your profile.

Social media tools for accountants

Social media tools are must have for any social media marketing for accountants. A social media tool will help you to automate or make some aspects of social media engagement relatively easy. They help you to manage social media activity across all platforms. Here are some stuffs you need to check before finding a right tool for your accounting firm:

  • Does the tool offer more detailed reporting? There is always chance of improvement for any business, but you can only improve if you know what you are lagging. Therefore, a detailed reporting is required for any accountants to improve their performance.
  • Is there anything extra and unique then other tools available in the market? All tools share same features but some of them have a feature that you won’t find anywhere in the market. Make a point to figure these one of kind perspectives to your dynamic procedures.
  • Check their fees and charge? Most of the tools won’t show you total charge for full on access to their tool rather they will give you somewhat access with a cheap price.
  • Figure out what you need for your practice. List the features of tools and match them with your needs.
  • Check coverage of the tool. Some social media tool only supports one platform like twitter, which may be right for your business bur if you plan to engage with customers on other platform then you will find it hard. Being proactive is always better than being reactive.
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  • Check its complexity. As you have more stuffs to work on bookkeeping, you can not give much time to learn all these tools. So, it’s always necessary to check the complexity of these tools.

Here is a perfect guide for you to help for picking up best social media tools for accountants.

Social media management for accountants

“The average time internet users spent on social media is 144 minutes every day.” (Entrepreneur, 2017

Social media management for accountants

People of all the age uses social medias in the 21st century. The information flow in social media is never ending and very quick. Social media marketing for accounting is incredibly effective and affordable for reaching up to thousands of people within market in just matter of days.

You can always manage your social media accounts manually but its hard for people like you having a busy schedule. There are lots of tools made for social media management for accountants to help you to get started. They will not only provide you social media tips for accountants but also help you to manage all those accounts at one place. A proper social media management tool can help you to get custom and creative content on your way.

Social media for accountants and finance professionals

Accounting or Bookkeeping organization are constantly doing their maths and taking care of their customer connection. There’s barely enough time to draw attention for accountants into these.

But building a professional social media account is always beneficial. It not only helps you to establish your presence in accounting but also scales up your clients. Social media helps accountants to form new business relationships, delineate the industry, maintain online visibility. Social media speaks your language and understands what clients’ needs to hear. Social media generally starts from “Where to start?” and ends at a new client to your business, if used effectively.

Most of the smaller accounting firms or business rely on words of mouth to attract new clients. Since a dedicated marketing person is mostly impractical for smaller firms, it’s a good idea to put a plan together and move forward. Standing out online is essential as this is the place where your customers spends most of their time.

Social media is not only just for networking these days. Too many businesses that think social media is only for recreation and networking will be shocked when they find savvy firms have moved beyond this attitude. Smart accountancy firms already embraced social media marketing strategies are attracting lots of new customers and income.

 All these professional needs to know that your competition is already using social media to attract clients. The company that undergoes a social media approach to the marketing program is positioning itself for success in future. This article should have cleared all your doubt about social media ideas, marketing and should help you to make clear strategy to win customers over social media.

Social media management for accountants

Social media marketing for accountants: Summary

To conclude things up about social media marketing for accounting that we discussed in this article, here’s a quick summary that you need to know.

There are a lot of factors that can affect your marketing in accounting, while social media is a powerful tool to conquer your marketing adventure. Social media can be known as trigger tool for your business to attract new clients. If used wisely and effectively it can benefit a lot for you and your business. Each social media platform has their own positive and negative impacts, but it’s better to learn right stuffs before you commit on them. Take your time to understand social media, how it works, and how to achieve success.

These social media tips for accountant should help to understand, learn and thrive on social media for any accountants in these days. It always hard to start anything but its never late. You can still start learning about it and start it today as its not late yet. Go ahead and start your marketing today with our social media ideas for accountants.

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