What is Virtual Reality?

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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is the use of computer generated technology to generate a simulated environment for better user experience.Unlike traditional user interfaces,VR replace the user inside an experience filled with delight.Despite of viewing a screen in front of users,they are immersed and able to interact with  3Dimensional worlds.Simulating s many senses as possible such as vision, hearing, touch the computer is transformed into a  gate keeper in  artificial world. In technical aspect Virtual reality is term that explain a three dimensional,computer-generated enviroment which can be explored and interacted with or by a person.

How does VR functions?

Virtual Reality’s most immediately-recognizable component is the head-mounted display(HMD).Human beings are visual creatures and display technology is often the single biggest difference between immersive Virtual Reality systems and traditional user interfaced users.

Oracle VR

As there is increase of using hardware and software options,the future of wearables is unfolding but not known till now.Concepts from  Google Cardboard, Samsung GearVR  and  Epson Movario  are leading the way but there are also company like  Meta, Avegant Glyph,Daqri and Magic Leap who may surprise users with their new levels of immersion,user-experience and usability.The simplicity of buying a helmet sized device that can work anywhere in a livingroom,office,factory floor bathroom has made Head Mounted Devices center stage emerging now days.

The virtual reality we have been referring to in this feature typically requires some form of head-mounted display, a computer, smartphone or console that creates the 3D world and some form of input tracking, which could be hand tracking, voice or head.
There are currently a number of head-mounted displays all using this set-up including Oculus,which is the system Facebook bought in a deal worth $2 billion in 2014,HTC Vive,Sony PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR, and others.

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Why is VR hot trending topic over all world right now?

VR is an exciting topic in the year 2016.Many of the devices that have been in development over the last few years are almost at launch point or have been already released which explains in the next coming months,this virtual reality experience we have been banging on about is something you’ll be able to experience yourself.Some have been available for some time,but as the VR hype builds,so too do experience anytime.


There are plenty of device that are coming or being in the verse of launch but the main ones you’ll hear about are Sony PlayStation VR,Oculus Rift,HTC Vive, Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. You can find all our first experiences, second experiences and in some cases even third experiences with these as they have developed in our Virtual Reality hub.

Virtual Reality with their advantages

There are numerous advantage of virtual reality.Some of them are :
-They are safe and controlled.
-They have realistic scenarios.
-They have remote control options.
-High quality audio.
-Best and innovative user experience.
-It can be a aid for training,confrencing.

With a great user experience that comes in at Virtual Reality it have been a great topic in the world.It should be credited as A helmet sized device that changes the world’s visual effects.

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